Major Prize Winners


Sponsor Joy Nelson
      D.S.R 60
Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2019 G.A. Turpentine S.R. 62
Competition Type Stroke No.of Players: 13
Weather Conditions: Fine, warm  
Place Name Score Prize
Winner Rita Beauchamp 61 $30 Voucher
Runner up Lyn White 62 $20 Voucher
Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Alison Crossley 65 Janette Jones 67
Hole in One Nil   St Hallets Shirt+Wine
Longest Drive 16th Trish Whant    
Eagles Nest 11th Not Won    
Nearest The Pins  1 Ball Each    
Hole  Name Distance  
7th June Ingleton 899 cms  
8th Hole D & P Alison Crossley 162 cms  
9th Hole D & P Elissa Cleary 23 cms  
10th Not Won    
17th Hole D & P Lyn White 307 cms  


Sponsored By: Russell Vale Pro Shop
      D.S.R 60
Date: Saturday, 2 November 2019 G.A. Turpentine S.R. 60
Competition Type: Stroke No.of Players: 138
Weather Conditions: Fine, Warm
Place Name Score Prize
Grade "A" Winner David Biddulph 56 c/b $40 Proshop Voucher
Runner Up James Charlesworth 57 $25 Proshop Voucher
3rd Place Jeff Kennedy 57 c/b $20 Voucher
4th Place Victor Huzyliak 57 c/b $15 Club Credit
Grade "B" Winner John Szczur 55 $40 Proshop Voucher
Runner Up Josh Biddulph 57 c/b $25 Proshop Voucher
3rd Place Gregory Jones 57 c/b $20 Voucher
4th Place Gavin Steele 57 $15 Club Credit
Grade "C" Winner Paul English 54 $40 Proshop Voucher
Runner Up Garry Humphries 59 c/b $25 Proshop Voucher
3rd Place Peter Reilly 59 c/b $20 Voucher
4th Place Clifford Terry 59 cb $15 Club Credit
Best Gross David Biddulph 60 c/b $25 Proshop Voucher
Best Junior Tom Eagleton 62 c/b 1 Ball & Medal
Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Stephen Dodd 57 David Cooksley 60
Russell Hammond 57 Robert Fracasso 60
Terry Hutchison 58 Dale Canvin 60
Malcolm Macmillan 58 Jacob Lewers 60
Brett Amatto 59 Barry Johnston 60
Leon Fay 59 Peter Novotny 60
Alex Montgomery 59 Darren King 60
Greg Peace 59 Lou Whant 60
Stephen Le Bas 59 Robert Chester 60
Greg Turnbull 59 Malcolm Kerr 61
Mal Smith 59 David Donnelly 61 c/b
16th Longest Drive 18th Hole Drive and Pitch
A Grade Alex Montgomery A Grade Stephen Dodd
B Grade Glenn Chapman B Grade Barry Johnston
C Grade Dale Canvin C Grade Not Won
    Hole Prize
Hole in One  Nil   St Hallets Shirt+Wine
Eagles Nest E Burke/ R.Hammond within 60cm 7 Balls Each
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
5th Russell Hammond 216 cms  
7th Victor Huzyliak 248 cms  
10th Greg Jones 143 cms  
13th John Szczur 127 cms