Winners Vandenbergh trophy

Weather Conditions: Fine 
Visitors: Pambula,  Links ShellCove, Wollongong, Randwick
Place Player's Name Score Prize
Winner Anthony Edmonds 42pts $180 Voucher
Runner up Rodney Luck 41pts $150 Voucher
3rd Place Phillip Peace 40pts $130 Voucher
4th Place Allan Baker 39pts $100 Voucher
5th Place James Charlesworth 39pts $80 Voucher
6th Place Peter Reilly 39pts $70 Voucher
7th Place Ian Hush 39pts $60 Voucher
8th Place Susy Middleton 39pts $50 Voucher
9th Place Michael Beaton 38pts $40 Voucher
10th Place Melvyn Johnson 38pts $30 Voucher
11th Place Warren Weston 38pts c/b $20 Voucher
AGU Best Gross Rodney Luck  33pts $150 Voucher
WGA Best Gross Joy Nelson 21pts c/b $80 Voucher
Best Junior Gross Tom Eagleton 26pts $30 Voucher
Best Junior Nett Jack Pritchard 37pts $30 Voucher
WGA Eagles Nest    N/A
AGU Eagles Nest Not Won 18 Balls
Hole in One   Hole None
Nearest The Pin Results   -  Prize 1 Ball
Hole  AGU Name Dist. Hole WGA Name Dist.
5th Max Davies 198cm 7th Susy Middleton 372cm
7th Des Jones 24cm D&P 8th Susy Middleton 128cm
10th Peter Towers 155cm D&P 9th Joy Nelson 0
13th Brad Weatherstone 246 10th Margaret Smith 302cm
 D.& P. 18th Michael Beaton 85cm D&P 17th Trish Whant 187cm


Sponsored By: The Vandenbergh Family A.M.C.R. 60
Date: Saturday, 27 July 2019     A.M.C.R 59
Competition Type: Stableford No.of Players:  
Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each
Donald McCorquodale 38 Ron Vicent 37
Daryl Bird 38 Brad Weatherstone 37
Joseph McDevitt 38 Peter Redman 37
John Air 38 Nancy Yew 37
Ken Goodwin 38 Paul Grey 36
Rod Jamieson 37 Steve Gray  36
Dennis Milan 37 Peter Novotny 36
Janette Jones 37 Paul Schmidt 36
Graham Buckingham 37 Paul English 36
Peter Whittall 37 David Wainwright 36
Steven Hailstone 37 Ian Sartori 36
Greg Murphy 37 Michael Pearce 36
Malcolm Kerr 37 Dennis Moore 36
Mick Routley 37 Stephen Dodd 36