Major Prize Winners


Sponsor Kotez Chickens
      D.S.R 61
Date: Saturday, 1 June 2019 W.G.A White S.R. 60
Competition Type Stroke No.of Players: 15
Weather Conditions: Fine  
Visitors: Mandalay
Place Name Score Prize
Winner Judith Allen 66 $30 Kotez Voucher
Runner up June Ingleton 67 c/b $20 Kotez Voucher
"In the Rough" Luanne Bassan 77 Bottle of Wine
Best Junior N/A   1 Ball
Best Gross Cassidy Graham 78 $15 Club Credit
Ball Competition Results - Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Nancy Yew 67    
Janette Jones 69 c/b    
  Name Hole Prize
Hole in One Nil   St Hallets Shirt+Wine
Longest Drive 14th June Ingleton 1 ball  
Eagles Nest 11th Not Won    
Nearest The Pins       
Hole  Name Distance  
7th Not Won    
8th Hole D&P Carolyn Woods 322 cms  
9th Hole D&P Rita Beauchamp 365 cms  
10th Janette Janes 302 cms  
17th Hole D & P Nancy Yew 230 cms  


Sponsored By: Fix Auto Wollongong
      D.S.R 62
Date: Saturday, 1 June 2019 A.G.U Blue S.R 60
Competition Type: Stroke No.of Players: 135
Weather Conditions: Fine
Visitors Ocean Shores, Wollongong
Place Name Score Prize
Grade "A" Winner Frank Hemar 58 $40 Voucher
Runner Up Brett Murphy 59 $30 Voucher
3rd Place Sam Twyford 59 $20 Voucher
4th Place Chad Mitchell 59 $15 Club Credit
Grade "B" Winner Bill Walker 58 $40 Voucher
Runner Up Peter Redman 61 $30 Voucher
3rd Place James Charlesworth 61 $20 Voucher
4th Place Terence Hanlon 62 $15 Club Credit
Grade "C" Winner Paul Shoobert 55 $40 Voucher
Runner Up Graham Buckingham 57 $30 Voucher
3rd Place Melvyn Johnson 58 $20 Voucher
4th Place Arnold Remiendo 58 $15 Club Credit
Best Gross Brett Murhhy 64 $40 Voucher
Best Junior Daniel Wark 70 1 Ball
Ball Competition Results -Prize 1 Ball Each  
Player's Name Score Player's Name Score
Romel Cortiana 59 Peter Sainsbury 62
Peter Reilly 59 David Biddulph 62
Ron Mather 59 Wayne Grief 62
Mal Smith 59 Clifford Terry 63
Sandy Khan 60 Clive Parker 63
Glenn Chapman 61 John Pippen 63
Terry Gibson 61 Michael Pearce 63
Shaun Minogue 61 Tony Mc Devitt 63
Trevor Johnston 61 Michael Nelson 63
John Taylor 62 Peter Gatwood 63
Gavin Woolmer 62 Warren Maynell 63
16th Longest Drive 18th Hole Drive and Pitch
A Grade Chad Mitchell A Grade Victor Huzyliak
B Grade Lou Whant B Grade Not Won
C Grade Shaun Minogue C Grade Not Won
    Hole Prize
Hole in One Nil   St Hallets Shirt+Wine
Eagles Nest Not Won   18 Balls
Nearest The Pin  Prize 1 Ball Each    
Hole  Players Name Distance  
5th Daryl Basan 170 cms  
7th Earle Canvin 272 cms  
10th Tony McDevitt 108 cms  
13th Lou Whant 177 cms